Zing’s Record Collection: John Owen-Jones – ‘Unmasked’ Review


Hello and welcome to Zing’s Record Collection – join me as I run my eye over the latest cast recordings and musical theatre album releases. Today I’ll be giving a listen to the full debut album from one of British musical theatre’s top talents, John Owen-Jones, titled ‘Unmasked’ released April 2012 by Sain.

John Owen-Jones has been one of the top names in the West End for a decade. He has donned the mask as The Phantom of the Opera over 2,000 times in several different stints in the West End and, currently, the new touring production – and has donned Marius a similar number of times, carrying the felled student from the barricades as Jean Valjean in Les Misérables, a role he has played to much critical acclaim on Broadway and beyond. In ‘Unmasked’, ignoring the punny title, Owen-Jones chooses songs from a wide spectrum of musical theatre which includes all of his greatest hits, such as ‘The Music of the Night’, ‘Bring Him Home’ and ‘Hallelujah’ – the latter being a remix his 2006 debut EP’s title track. With his strong fanbase duly appeased, Owen-Jones can focus on showing off his fabulous voice in a number of songs new to his repertoire.

The vocal bravado of Frank Wildhorn’s ‘This is the Moment’ is perfect for Owen-Jones’ powerhouse style and he duly delivers, with the number proving the stand-out track of the album. ‘Til I Hear You Sing’ is beautifully realised and Owen-Jones really tries to make the number his own. ‘All I Ask of You’, with pop-opera soprano Natasha Marsh, is as well sung as any rendition I have heard over the years.
‘Down to the Sea’ from Kristina is a moment of understated clarity and beauty and a superb, if unexpected, choice. Kander/Ebb songs seem to be like buses; you wait an eternity for a quality singer to record one, then two come along in as many months; The beautiful ‘I Don’t Remember You/Sometimes a Day Goes By’ medley from the duo’s underrated musical revue And the World Goes ‘Round was also featured on Martin Dickinson’s debut EP, drawing a rave review from yours truly. Owen-Jones boasts a big name joining him the shape of opera singer Bryn Terfel, the result is a very well sung medley, which, whilst different in style from ‘storytelling’ approach of Dickinson/Abigail Jaye’s rendition, is equally as enjoyable in its own way and is supremely well sung.

It is not all plain sailing, however. The album gets off to an underwhelming start with two curious choices, the drab ‘Nature Boy’ from Moulin Rouge and a slightly bizarre resurrection of Tom Jones’ 1786 hit ‘Thunderball’. Owen-Jones has publicly stated his admiration for countryman Jones and I just hope he doesn’t try and audition for ‘The Voice’.* Sondheim’s ‘Being Alive’ – possibly my favourite song from musical theatre – is nicely sung, but perhaps lacking in the required emotive qualities required for the part and by definition the song. I must also confess to being a little bit disappointed that Owen-Jones opted not to record his singing live with the orchestra, which leads to some albeit minor errors with rhythm and slightly elongated notes to match the music. This is particularly noticeable in ‘The Music of the Night’ but is present throughout.

‘Unmasked’ is a hugely successful and enjoyable album and shows what Owen-Jones is capable of, outside of the two roles for which he is almost exclusively known. Hopefully, now ‘unmasked’, we will see Owen-Jones expand his horizons and explore other stage opportunities to no doubt further critical success.

- Harry Zing



*It would be very uncomfortable to see another top British musical theatre star get rebuked by the likes of William “Bill”.i.am.

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3 Responses to “Zing’s Record Collection: John Owen-Jones – ‘Unmasked’ Review”

  1. P Breckin Says:

    Great review;agree totally about the first two songs which I skip after hearing once.I also didn’t care for his Being Alive;but I love This is the Moment which sends shivers down my spine.I also adore Without You which seemed a strange choice until I heard what he did with it!I don’t like Unmasked quite as much as his first CD because of the greater variety of songs on the latter but really this man has such a gift!

  2. Crawford Phan Says:

    I didn’t like his rendition of Being Alive either. And I’m yet to find a version of Till I Hear You Sing that is really good. Ramin’s version on the concept album of Love Never Dies is my favourite of what is available (the one on his album is abysmal). I hope someone like Michael Ball records Till I Hear You Sing and shows everyone how it is done.

  3. Guess I’m on my own in rather enjoying Being Alive, then! I’d agree, though, in that This Is the Moment is my favourite track on this album, too. It’s Down to the Sea that doesn’t really speak to me. And what a pleasant surprise to find a hidden track on there!

    One thing: I thought JOJ was on record as saying the Phantom tracks WERE sung with the orchestra…?

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